4 Reasons Why Call-Based Sales are Here to Stay

man on phone at desk
man on phone at desk

With so much attention today on email-based and social media-based sales strategies, you might be wondering: Where do call-based sales fit in?

Call-based sales are not only still relevant, but they continue to drive sales teams to success. How? In this article, we’ll share four vital reasons why call-based sales are here to stay, as well as how you can maximize the success of your sales team by combining a call-based sales strategy with a vanity phone number for your company.

4 Reasons Why Call-Based Sales are Here to Stay

1. Call-Based Sales are More Efficient

The goal of any sales team is to qualify leads quickly, allowing your team to focus on customers who are most likely to make a purchase or move forward with a sales contract.

Compared to sales teams that rely on email-based sales, call-based sales teams don’t need to wait for leads to reply to messages—if they reply at all. With sales calls, it’s easier and quicker to find out if a sales lead is interested in your product or service. All it takes is a few minutes on the phone compared to hours waiting for an email response that may never come.

Even when a sales call results in a negative response, it’s far better to have that information sooner than later so your team can shift their energy toward leads and prospects who are interested in closing a sale.

The efficiency of call-based sales benefits your customers because when a potential customer is ready to make a purchase, it’s quicker and more satisfying with another human being on the phone.

2. Sales Calls Bring Solid Performance Data and KPIs

Sales calls provide you with more information than you realize. Call-based sales provide concrete performance data that’s easier to track compared to ad-based and email-marketing campaigns.

Some insightful KPIs that you can gather from sales calls include:

  • Person reached (senior manager, purchasing team, etc.)
  • Call time (including day and hour)
  • Call length
  • Conversion rate

With this kind of research, you and your sales team can use this information to make solid, data-based decisions to refine and perfect your sales strategy.

Even better, when sales prospects call you, your company can gain even more valuable information. By using vanity 800 numbers on your website, you can quickly link online activity with call activity. That allows you to build a full picture of how your website and marketing campaign effectively generate new sales and revenue streams.

3. Call-Based Sales Keep You in Control

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is competing for your attention. Think about how many web advertisements and promotional emails you receive every day. When was the last time you sat down and carefully read through an email with a sales pitch? As you might imagine, your prospective customers are in the same position.

When you send a sales email, you have no control over your leads’ attention. It’s all too easy for messages to get buried in the inbox. And even when leads do read through a sales email, they may have other things on their mind, like a meeting or even calling one of your competitors!

In short, with email- and mass marketing-based sales, there’s no way to know if they ever get or read or quickly deleted.

During a sales call, your sales team is in control of when a sales lead gets information about your products and services. And you have the undivided attention of your future customers.

With sales calls, your sales team can also take a proactive rather than a reactive approach with potential customers. If a lead has lingering questions or doubts about your company’s products or services, it’s much easier for your sales team to gauge how people are feeling. Your team can then engage the potential customer and clear up any doubts or questions about moving forward with your company.

4. Call-Based Sales Add an Important Personal Touch

Call-based sales offer a valuable opportunity to get to know your customer on a personal level. That can give you a common ground to get to know one another, building trust. Remembering that “Frank Smith loves golf” or “Nancy Baker stays home with her kids” gives you a chance to build a better relationship when talking to them.

In addition, can your company offer a customized solution that works perfectly for a particular business? It’s easy to bring these sorts of personalized touches to the sales process when your sales team is on the phone with potential customers. That helps build trust and a good relationship with your team, making people more likely to do business with you.

Remember that people don’t build relationships with social media and email. They build relationships with people—and there’s no better way to quickly connect with another person than with a phone call. Whether your company wants to emphasize its national presence with an 800 vanity number or build a more targeted customer base with a local vanity number, it’s important to prioritize a call-based sales strategy to maximize the success of your sales team.

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