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Separate your business and personal numbers. Build stronger customer relationships while tracking your business communications.

Keep your work and personal numbers separate

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Receive calls, send texts, and manage your numbers in just a few simple steps

Select a plan Pick between our three different plans, Personal, Standard, and Premium.
Pick a number Choose the best number type for your business: Local, Toll-free, or Vanity.
Set up forwarding Configure call forwarding settings on your chosen business number.
Track your numbers Analyze data from incoming calls and texts to optimize your sales.

Get a business number and increase your sales globally

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What our Customers Say

It was very easy to get started. I got the vanity 800 number I was looking for, and the client support is extremely fast, thorough, helpful, and responsive.

Stacey B.

Their customer service is excellent, always working towards customer satisfaction. I recommend this service to anyone starting a business or who has a business already.

Rafael A.

The user-friendly interface is excellent for non-tech-savvy people. The customer service team was exceptional whenever I had questions, which is very important to me.

Jennifer R.

Sign Up Now Features

Managing your business phone number with us couldn’t be easier!
Turn the world into your office with your own toll-free or local number today.

Call Forwarding

Use your cell phone, landline,
or work phone to answer a
forwarded call.

  • Freedom with mobility

  • Less reliance on voicemail

  • Zero fees for your customers

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Call Forwarding

Vanity numbers

Help customers easily find and
remember your number.

  • Custom phone number

  • Easy to recognize

  • Increased brand awareness

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Vanity Numbers

Call Tracking

Track marketing campaigns that
drive results for your business.

  • Source campaign traffic

  • Track valuable leads

  • Personalize tagging

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Call Tracking

Call Analytics

Spot trends and opportunities to
understand what happens
on your calls.

  • Track by geo, time, length of calls

  • Call recording & transcriptions

  • Keyword spotting

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Call Analytics

Business Texting

Invest in SMS tools that make
life easier for you and your

  • Announce Sales & Alerts

  • Automate Messages

  • Track Results

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Business Texting


Count on a reliable SMS solution
with proven high throughput.


  • Webhooks API

  • Provisioning API

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Get Your Business Number Today

Virtual toll-free and local numbers are an effective business tool that allow you
to improve your customer service efforts and increase your marketing ROI.