How Call Intelligence is Taking Call Centers to the Next Level

How Call Intelligence is Taking Call Centers to the Next Level
How Call Intelligence is Taking Call Centers to the Next Level

You’re missing out if you’re tracking calls without using call intelligence. While the data you’re collecting is doing its job now by providing reports from which you can glean insights, it can actually do a lot more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has never been easier to integrate into call centers. You already have one piece of the puzzle that makes AI work: data available from tracking your calls.

In this article, we’ll look at the many ways you can use call intelligence to change customer and call agent experiences for the better and, of course, increase conversions.

Helping Customers Automatically with AI

Customers have tried to avoid the frustration of talking to automated bots in the past. Many would often hit “0” or repeat “speak to an agent” until they reach a human agent. But technology has changed, and AI has made great strides in the last decade.

Modern AI solutions can quickly identify and deliver the information your customers are looking for through the use of advanced language and acoustic models. These models can also be trained to recognize the unique vernacular of specific industries, so no questions go unanswered.

AI uses real-time speech analysis to detect the words your customers are saying and determine the tone they are using and the sentiment of the conversation. All of this data works together with machine learning models to draw insights from both sides of the conversation, such as speech intents, anger levels, stress levels, and the clarity of the conversation.

AI can also detect when it can’t help a customer, which is where predictive routing comes into play.

Routing Calls Predictively

Even if conversation intelligence can’t answer a caller’s question directly, it can use the data collected from a call and advanced machine learning models to keep working to help you and your customers. The right AI models will pick up the frustration in a caller’s tone and determine when it’s time to direct them to a human agent.

If the caller is new, call intelligence will compare the current conversation to similar conversations in the past to predict who the caller needs to talk to next. If the customer has called in the past, the AI system will access background information and the customer’s history and drill down to the customer’s needs before directing them to an agent.

Providing Human Agents with AI Assistants

The help that call intelligence can provide doesn’t end when a caller is talking to an agent. AI-enabled conversation agents aren’t just about providing customer service and the basic information customers need. They are also there to help your agents by providing them with intelligent data, analysis, and customer history to deliver better, faster outcomes, without the customers even noticing.

Call intelligence can also analyze the conversation between the caller and the agent while it is happening. Sentiment analysis and natural language processing are still at work, parsing the customers’ comments and getting a handle on what they are trying to accomplish. Your call intelligence system can then recommend solutions – not to the customer, but to the agent – who can use human skills to choose the best option from the recommendations.

But we aren’t done yet with what call intelligence can do.

Improving Your Team

We covered how live call intelligence can help your business. Call intelligence can also improve the performance of your team. It can detect bottlenecks in your current process that are contributing to increased hold time and call transfers and bring them to your attention so you can tweak your processes and improve the numbers.

Call intelligence is also a great training tool for new agents. Historical call recordings and data can teach agents how to navigate frustrating or confusing calls before they even talk to a live customer.

Take Your Call Center to the Next Level

Call intelligence can help turn your call center from an expense to an ROI and can help you. When you get a toll-free 800 number or vanity number from, it comes with advanced call tracking features along with premier call intelligence options like:

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