5 Problems and Solutions to Using an 800.com Number

headset on a keyboard
headset on a keyboard

Planning to roll out an 800 number for your business? An 800 number offers businesses a variety of advantages for customer service, brand recognition, and convenience.

In this guide, we will cover the following 5 challenges that an 800 number can help you address:

Table of Contents

  1. The Credibility Gap
  2. An Unfamiliar Local Number for Nationwide Customer Support
  3. Your Business Lacks a Call Forwarding Solution
  4. Your Business Needs a Vanity Number
  5. Your Business Does Not Track Calls or Have Analytics Coverage

Problem 1: Your Business Lacks Credibility

Every major corporation makes use of an 800 number to boost brand recognition and credibility. Even small businesses can benefit from the recognition boost an 800 number provides.

The FTC states that these numbers frequently appear for customer service lines. Historically, they helped to provide customers with a free way to contact a business. This factor matters less these days, but the 800 number remains commonplace.

Problem 2: Your Business Uses a Local Phone Number for Customer Support

If your business currently uses a local phone number to field customer support calls, you may want to consider upgrading to a nationally recognized 800 number.

If you also plan to make outbound calls from your customer support center, you should also consider investing in a toll-free 800 number to give your customers confidence that you have a business that services customers beyond a small local or regional area.

Problem 3: Your Business Needs a Call Forwarding Solution

If you want to link your inbound customer service or sales number to your local cell number, you can make use of a call-forwarding solution that will route the call from an 800 number to your phone.

This solution can help you achieve greater mobility and reduce your reliance on voicemail and nested menus. Learn more about call forwarding here!

Problem 4: You Do Not Have a Vanity Number

A vanity number can help your customers easily remember your phone number. For example, if you operate a car dealership, a vanity number could allow you to have a number like this: 1-800-BUYCARS.

A vanity number can also function as a powerful marketing tool that you can use for advertising campaigns, digital media, and commercials.

Learn more about vanity numbers here!

Problem 5: Your Business Does Not Track Calls or Have Analytics Coverage

In addition to providing marketing benefits, an 800 number solution can also give you an easier method to track calls and analyze crucial data such as geography, length of calls, and review transcripts. Learn more about call analytics here!

An 800 Number Can Jumpstart Your Business

By rolling out an 800 number, you can address key marketing and brand recognition challenges while providing your business with a platform that can help you to better understand your customers with call tracking and analytics.

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With an 800 number, you will receive the benefits of nationwide recognition, improved branding, and the potential to set up a vanity number for your marketing campaigns.