How to Use Call Intelligence to Improve Customer Service

how to use call intelligence to leverage service
how to use call intelligence to leverage service

Call intelligence puts the data associated with your business calls to work for the success of your organization. It involves recording, tracking, analyzing, and reporting data regarding your call metrics. You can also use it to keep track of which customers reach out the most, the least, how they located your business, and when. Read on to learn how call intelligence can be leveraged to improve your customer service.

Have More Meaningful Interactions with Customers

With call intelligence, you can gather data regarding what customers want and need and how often they call requesting help or information around a specific service or topic. You can then use this information to ensure that customer service reps are addressing the concerns that are most top-of-mind for your clients.

For example, if you have vanity 800 numbers, you can track which clients are accessing your system through this channel, see the kinds of concerns they’re having by studying the call data, and then give your service reps the info necessary to meet customers where they are. In this way, 800 vanity phone numbers can be a powerful call intelligence asset.

Capitalize on Sales Opportunities

The data from your interactions with customers can be used to discern what they want, including their preferences when it comes to the features of products. You can also pinpoint concerns they have with certain products or services. This data can be used by the marketing team to ensure that improvements, compelling qualities, and development initiatives are promoted with existing and potential customers.

For example, suppose your call intelligence reveals that customers have been experiencing trouble with a specific feature of your company’s web application. First, you use this information to fix the problem. Then, however, you double down on the value of the intel by giving performance metrics to your sales teams showing how the functionality of this feature has improved with the latest update. As they include this data in their pitches, they’re able to present a more stable offering to potential clients.

Build a Stronger Sales Funnel

Call intelligence enables you to gather data regarding which elements of your sales and marketing funnels are the most effective. The next step is to use this information to choose which campaigns and channels are getting the job done, those that need to be tweaked, and which ones should be phased out.

For instance, if your website has been generating more calls than your Facebook advertising, your SEO may be outperforming your social media advertising. You can then decide if and how you want to adjust your social media strategy. You can also begin analyzing your SEO strategy to figure out why it’s working so well and how its success can be duplicated. Vanity toll-free numbers can play a big role in your sales funnel as well, particularly because they provide easy access to your customers.

Isolate Issues that May Affect Revenue

While all problems impact revenue—at least indirectly—some pack more of a punch than others. Your call intelligence system can be used to identify which problems are having the most significant effect on your bottom line.

For instance, suppose you have a setting within one of your vanity numbers’ system that is supposed to send customers to tech to troubleshoot a certain type of issue. Your call intelligence system reveals that zero customers have been sent through that channel over the last two hours. During the previous day, on the other hand, you averaged 15 people per hour. Using this data, you can conclude that this function isn’t working as it should. You can then deploy your IT team to fix it and get your operation back up and running.

Ensuring customers have the throughput they need to address problems is a crucial element of maintaining revenue. This is particularly true because the ability to fix issues produces trust and confidence in your products.

With call intelligence, you can identify these kinds of issues and address them before they have a significant impact on your revenue stream.

With, you can get an 800 number that boosts your business. Now you can use call intelligence to discover ways to improve interactions with customers, capitalize on sales opportunities, build a stronger sales funnel, and isolate revenue-impacting issues.