8 Types of Businesses That Need to Use Call Tracking

8 Types of Businesses That Need to Use Call Tracking
8 Types of Businesses That Need to Use Call Tracking

Marketers rely on numerous sources of data to drive the direction of their campaigns and strategies. This data tells marketers which channels are working, which ads are converted, and how customers are interacting with the brand online.

But what if the data didn’t tell you the whole story?

We’re willing to bet that your current marketing and advertising data sources are only showing you a fraction of your leads and customer inquiries. By only focusing on online leads, metrics, and customer inquiries, you’re not factoring in all of the customers who opt to call your business.

To have a comprehensive understanding of how well (or how poorly) your marketing and advertising efforts are performing, you have to use call tracking.

What is Call Tracking and How Can I Use It?

Call tracking is the process of using a unique phone number, usually a toll-free or vanity number, to identify where callers discovered your business.

A common use of call tracking numbers is to monitor the success of outdoor advertising or print marketing efforts. For instance, by including a specific toll-free number on a business card—and only the business card — you know exactly how the caller found your business when that phone number rings.

Call tracking provides businesses with a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data such as call duration, location, and conversion rate.

8 Business Types that Benefit from Call Tracking

All businesses will find call tracking to be a beneficial tool but businesses in these eight industries find it helps them track their marketing and sales efforts with ease.

1. Automotive

From dealerships to auto mechanics, every type of business in the automotive industry benefits from using call tracking technology.

As an industry that relies on phone calls for appointments, emergency services, and customer notifications, utilizing a call tracking number is imperative to discovering which marketing channel drives the most calls from potential leads.

2. Home Improvement and Repair Services

To capture the attention of a wide audience in their geographic market, home improvement and repair companies often advertise their services across a variety of platforms including offline channels such as TV ads, print marketing, and radio commercials.

However, without call tracking, these companies would never know if their traditional advertising efforts were worth the investment.

3. Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to a patient’s health, having all the information possible readily available is paramount. Call tracking features include call notes, allowing the answering party to jot down any imperative notes related to the patient’s condition, insurance coverage, or plan of action.

4. SaaS Brands

Companies selling software as a service (SaaS) technology tend to have blinders on and only focus on the online leads. Without call tracking capabilities, they could be missing valuable leads and focusing their energies on the wrong marketing channels.

5. B2B Businesses

When selling B2B, it’s all about fostering long-term relationships. Often, that relationship starts with a phone call. By not tracking call metrics or origination, B2B businesses would miss out on a majority of their leads.

6. Realtors

From business cards to Facebook ads, real estate agents are constantly advertising their services and housing inventory to potential clients. Without a proper call tracking set-up, they’d have a hard time identifying from where their leads came. And without that data, they may be spending too much of their marketing budget on the wrong channels or tactics.

7. Travel & Tourism

Hotels, shows, and attractions can all benefit from a robust call tracking system. On top of knowing how customers found their business, hospitality brands can leverage call tracking features such as call volume reports, call notes, and customer data to better optimize their customer service and overall operations.

With a target audience spanning multiple generations, lawyers and other legal services rely on a multitude of advertising methods. And, few people want to discuss legal matters over email or a chatbot. By investing in call tracking capabilities, lawyers ensure that they know exactly which marketing channels to target.

6 Distinct Benefits of Call Tracking

No matter what industry you’re in or the type of business you run, you can reap the following benefits if you add call tracking to your marketing toolbox.

1. Precise Reporting

All too often, you hear of business owners becoming frustrated that their online ads only generate a handful of leads. But without a call tracking number in place, these entrepreneurs aren’t factoring in the numerous phone calls generated from those ads. Call tracking ensures that campaign and marketing tactic results are reported properly.

2. Discover How Customers Find Your Business

After a while, your employees will get tired of asking customers, “How did you hear about us?” With a call tracking phone number, you’ll know exactly which marketing strategy or channel prompted the phone call.

3. Proper Budgeting

Call tracking guarantees that your marketing efforts are reported accurately by factoring in both online and offline leads. With this in mind, businesses can allocate the right amount of money to the tactics driving the most leads and/or sales.

4. Identifying Peak Call Hours

For businesses that operate a call center or rely heavily on phone calls from customers, call tracking technology will help you pinpoint the busiest hours for your team. This can help you make smart decisions about staffing, internal processes, and marketing efforts.

5. Pinpointing the Best Marketing Channels

Even with ample online data, marketers often find themselves wondering if their marketing channels are working to drive the most leads. When you factor in offline lead data from a call tracking phone number, you’ll be able to tell which marketing channels are pulling their weight and which should be forgotten.

6. Optimizing Customer Service Processes

With the transparent data a call tracking number provides, you’ll be able to improve customer service processes with ease. Call agents won’t be scrambling for customer info or stuck asking a full survey of questions before jumping in to assist a customer. The call tracking platform will already have everything they need.

Claim Your Call Tracking Number Today

Remember, all businesses prosper from call tracking numbers! Get yours today and enjoy the many benefits of accurate reporting, call data, and so much more.