6 Reasons Why Businesses Are Adding Call Tracking

6 Reasons Why Businesses Are Adding Call Tracking 800.com
6 Reasons Why Businesses Are Adding Call Tracking 800.com

Digital marketing allows for detailed targeting and diagnostics that used to be impossible through traditional channels. Call tracking is the bridge between online and offline marketing channels. It uses custom phone numbers to track the distinct source of every incoming call.

With call tracking, you get the same detailed and actionable analytics for incoming phone calls that you do with digital advertising. It allows you to track:

  • Which ad or marketing channel brought in the call
  • The volume of response from each marketing effort
  • Conversion rate
  • Location of call
  • Time of day
  • Call duration

As mobile use rises, click-to-call ads permit a seamless customer experience. Whether you use a vanity 800 number or a local business number, knowing where each call originates provides a complete marketing picture.

Here are six reasons businesses are adding call tracking.

1. Improved ROI and Conversion Rates

Phone calls convert 10 to 15 times more than web leads. High conversion rates for phone calls are also part of what drives the success of vanity 800 numbers.

Knowing what is driving customer phone calls helps you customize and target your marketing campaigns. Call tracking’s detailed analytics show your actual return on investment for different marketing campaigns so you know where to spend more and where to try something different.

Phone calls may be your most valuable leads. A recent study shows that customers who initiate a phone call spend more and convert faster. Being able to adapt based on valuable tracking data can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

2. Get Calls from Shoppers on Mobile Devices

As mobile phone use grows, online searches done on a mobile device drive a growing percentage of sales calls. Without call tracking, businesses only see digital responses to digital advertising. Since ready-to-buy customers are more likely to dial a toll-free phone number or click-to-call, businesses without call tracking lose a crucial component of their marketing picture.

Mobile use is on the rise. Two-thirds of Americans already regularly shop online, and click-to-call influences more than one trillion in consumer spending in the United States every year.

3. More Robust Demographics and A/B Testing

If one geographic area is sending you more leads, call tracking will reveal that to you. You can add offline advertising or additional targeted marketing to reach more people in that area.

Online analytics depend on A/B testing. When you include incoming phone calls in those statistics, you know you’re selecting the most effective ad.

4. Direct Calls to the Right Salesperson

With call tracking, you can direct incoming traffic for specific marketing campaigns to specific team members. If you want all the traffic from a specific landing page or for a product line to go to a specific department, call tracking will route it for you without needing a receptionist.

In this way, call tracking can help your company optimize resources and workflows. It’s a functionality that hides neatly behind your toll-free phone number or business vanity 800 number.

5. Refine Your SEO

Keywords construct the spine of your SEO marketing program. Too much competition for a keyword phrase will thwart your efforts to rise up the first page. Not enough interest in a keyword will minimize its return. If you’re bringing customers in with a keyword but they are not converting, you may not be aligning with buyer expectations.

Robust analytics, including call tracking, allows you to refine your keyword strategy and improve both leads and conversions.

6. Strengthen Relationships with Customers

About 60% of customers still prefer to talk to a live person when making a purchase. Being readily available through a toll-free phone number and call forwarding fortifies your relationships with customers.

In addition to providing marketing analytics, call tracking allows you to listen to customer feedback through recorded conversations. Improve marketing and customer service with one powerful software.

Call Tracking and Custom Phone Numbers

Call tracking assigns a unique phone number to each of your online and offline marketing campaigns. This allows you to match each call with its source.

With dynamic number insertion, only your main business number or vanity 800 number is visible to the web crawlers. The software dynamically changes the number only when a customer views it.

Call tracking is a powerful marketing and customer service tool. It fills vital lead numbers into your online analytics and increases your marketing precision.