What are Vanity Numbers?

two hands with phone calling, vanity phone numbers
two hands with phone calling, vanity phone numbers

If your business is in the market for a toll-free number, you may have heard of a vanity phone number. Whether a vanity phone number comes to mind or it doesn’t, you have probably come across a business that uses one.

Let’s go over basic information that answers the question, “What are vanity numbers?”, but helps you see how vanity numbers for business are useful.

A vanity phone number is a customized phone number that businesses use to either spell out a word related to their business or make their phone number memorable. For example, a florist company may use 1-800-FLOWERS as their business number, where the letters are spelled out using the numbers on the telephone keypad.

Businesses usually set up toll-free vanity phone numbers by using a toll-free phone number prefix. This means that vanity numbers start with toll-free area codes (or prefixes), including 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers

If you choose to get a vanity phone number for your business, you can find that it offers many benefits that help you increase sales, grow your brand, and more.

Make Your Mark

One of the top benefits of custom vanity phone numbers is that they are memorable. If they see your number on a billboard while they are on the road, a vanity number makes it easy for them to remember how to contact you. If they hear your phone number on the television or on the radio, it will stand out – making it easy for them to jot down or remember it later on.

It’s easy for people to remember a business phone number such as 800-GoFedEx versus 800-463-3339. These numbers will both get you to the same place, but one is way easier to keep in your mind. This all boils down to choosing a vanity phone number that makes it easy for people to recognize your business and quickly recall how to get in touch with you.

Elevate Your Brand Awareness

Another benefit of a vanity phone number is that you can use it to improve brand awareness. For example, you can use a vanity number to include your business name or emphasize your business’s product or service. Several successful brands use vanity numbers to elevate their brand. The global shipping company FedEx, for example, uses the vanity number 1800-GoFedEx.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

If you want a unique way to stand out from competitors, a vanity number can provide you with the exclusivity you are looking for. Just by looking at that number, you instantly know the business that you need to call. When you see the business phone number 1800-CALL-ATT, it’s clear that it’s the contact number to call AT&T. If you want an easy jump on your competitors, you should buy a vanity phone number.

Compliment Your Marketing Strategy

A vanity number can be a fantastic tool for making your business more marketable. For example, they are short and easy to display on billboards and other printed advertisements. You can also incorporate them into your business jingle, which helps consumers make an audible connection to your business.

Get Consumers to Trust Your Brand

Like many businesses, you are looking for ways to get consumers to trust your brand. A vanity number can help. In today’s competitive market, consumers hesitate to trust a company that they do not know – especially if they question the company’s legitimacy. For over 40 years, 800 toll-free numbers have been synonymous with a well-established business. When you show consumers that you are a real business by using an 800 vanity number, it helps build their trust.

Reduce Your Telephone Costs

When toll-free numbers were first available, they were expensive. This made them only available to very elite businesses that could afford them. Even today, many business owners assume that a vanity number is still a costly feature. However, the modern digital landscape has made vanity phone numbers more affordable than ever before. In comparison to traditional phone services, vanity phone numbers are available for modest monthly fees. Businesses can save even more if they choose an annual payment plan. 800.com, for example, offers 20% off will annual billing – making vanity phone numbers a very cost-effective solution.

Provide a Higher Standard of Customer Service

Using a vanity number shows that your business cares about making it easier for potential and existing customers to contact you. A memorable number helps new customers know who to call when they are interested in your product or service. Why use a business phone number that makes them have to spend extra time figuring out how to contact you? Also, existing customers will rest easy knowing that they can quickly reach out to you when they need your help.

How to Get Your Own Vanity Toll-Free Phone Number

If you are ready to get started with your very own vanity toll-free number, 800.com helps you complete the process in just three short steps. After you select your plan, pick your number and then checkout. It’s that easy!