How to Use Mobile Messaging and Push Notifications to Boost Business

mobile messaging
mobile messaging

According to anthropologist Amber Case, we are all cyborgs now. It seems that most people are symbiotically linked to a phone, computer, or some other device—to the point where they need it to survive. Even though this may puzzle some anthropologists, it presents a grand opportunity for small business owners and marketers. The potential is especially promising when you consider the power of mobile messaging. Here’s how to properly time your mobile messages, get the most out of SMS messaging, and use common formats, such as Facebook messenger and push notifications, to drum up business.

Timing Is Everything with Mobile Messaging

Before you start a mobile messaging campaign, it’s first important to strategically decide how you’re going to time your messages, whether you’re using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, another form of social media, or SMS messaging. Otherwise, you may end up sending messages at the wrong moment, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of your target audience or missing your audience altogether. It’s important to set up a marketing strategy.

It’s best to send messages when:

  • People aren’t busy working
  • Are around others in a relaxed social setting
  • When your messages won’t get buried by a mountain of others

Keeping those principles in mind, it may be best to send text messages around the following times:

  • 12 o’clock noon because this is when a lot of people are taking a lunch break, regardless of the day of the week
  • Just after 8:00 am because many people check their phones early in the morning, and this will keep your offer, deal, or another communication top of mind throughout the rest of the day
  • Between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm because this is when a lot of people are either finishing up work or relaxing with family or friends. If you time these messages just right and use compelling content, there’s also a chance they may share some of what you say with those they’re hanging out with, giving you more bang for your buck.

Remember SMS messages are delivered in real-time which gives you a higher customer engagement with your clients. If used correctly you may have a bigger retention rate and customer experience. Which helps in your user engagement which means you should have a solid call-to-action

Timing According to the Seasons

You can also time your messaging around the seasons or special events of the year. An appropriate, tactful message at the right moment can catch someone in a particularly festive mood. You might even be able to give them a boost during a snowstorm or in the wake of a natural disaster.

The key is to try your best to think like your customers, putting yourself in their shoes and taking a moment to consider what they want to hear at that precise time. Even though many businesses use birthdays and holidays to connect with their customers, you can use other events and seasons to help prevent your communication from getting buried amongst the rest.

What Makes SMS Messages Unique?

SMS messaging may sound a little old school in the smartphone age, but it’s still a powerful business tool, thanks to its digital protocols and mobile marketing. An SMS message can be received by a wider variety of devices because it doesn’t have to be transmitted only to smartphones. Also, because it can be connected to a phone number, you can use a vanity phone number that helps underscore your business’s branding.

For example, if you try sending a WhatsApp message or one through Facebook messenger to someone who doesn’t have a phone that supports those applications, your communication will fall flat. But with SMS messaging, even phones that don’t have smartphone capabilities can receive them.

Also, because smartphones can also receive SMS messages, this is an especially effective marketing tool which can help with personalized push notifications. Plus, with the right solution, you can track the results of your campaign, as well as personalize and automate the messages you send. It is also very helpful for re-engagement with your audience and for the promotions of your new products.

How to Use Facebook Messenger

One of the best ways to use Facebook messenger is to incorporate links to Facebook ads that you’ve already paid for. In this way, it’s easy to track the effectiveness of your campaign. In addition, because Facebook messenger provides two-way communication, you can better understand how your communication has impacted your target audience based on their reactions.

How to Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-ups that appear on your customers’ mobile devices and can be tapped or clicked if the users choose to do so. As long as your customers are logged into a browser on their mobile devices, they can see the push notifications you send to them and others. Here are some ways to take advantage of push notifications as a marketing tool:

  • Personalize your messages. The best way to do this is the divide your target audience into subgroups and adjust what you send them according to each group’s interests.
  • Use short-term offers. By offering sales for only a limited time, you can motivate someone to take action soon after getting a push notification.
  • Send notifications that show you care. If a negative event impacts your customers’ area, it’s OK to send a push notification acknowledging that event, whether or not your products or services can help the situation.
  • Use the opt-in requirement to your advantage. Even though it may seem like the requirement to have customers opt into your advertising could be an obstacle, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Customers who choose to receive your message have a certain level of commitment to your business or a need for your product. You should note who these customers are and how long they choose to receive your messages.

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