How to Use an 800 Number as a Marketing Tool

How to use an 800 Number as a Marketing Tool
How to use an 800 Number as a Marketing Tool

As customers, we can rattle off iconic 1-800 numbers. From 1-800-FLOWERS to 1-800-MATTRESS, we all know these brands and exactly what they sell. 

But, many business owners fail to realize how valuable a toll-free 800 number can be for a marketing strategy.

By adding an 800 number to your business’ collection of promotional tools, your brand is poised for online and offline marketing success.

3 Critical Benefits of Having an 800 Number

An 800 number is far more than an easy phone number to remember. It’s an insightful marketing device that provides a wealth of advantages, including:

1. Call Tracking and Recording Features

All 800 numbers come with call tracking and recording capabilities. Through a toll-free number, you’ll have the ability to determine:

  • Which marketing channels drive the highest call volume and number of qualified leads
  • Where customers find your business
  • The caller’s phone number and time of the call
  • The agent who answered the call
  • What device does the customer call on 
  • The length of the call
  • What topics were discussed

And that’s only scratching the surface!

From tracking customer conversions to identifying which social media ad generated the most phone leads, call tracking and recording features are invaluable assets for businesses of all sizes. In fact, without call tracking, you could be missing out on 80% of qualified leads!

2. Consistent Branding

Toll-free 800 numbers are also available as vanity numbers. Businesses can customize their 800 number to reflect their business name, products, and services, or whatever else they desire.

Vanity numbers help customers remember exactly what phone number to call when they need assistance. Otherwise, they’d be searching around online for help and may stumble upon your competitor’s phone number instead!

3. Improved Customer Service and Retention

Toll-free 800 numbers with call tracking capabilities also help brands improve their customer service and retention levels.

Through call tracking and recording features, companies can evaluate:

  • How long agents are spending on the phone
  • What is being discussed
  • How agents interact with phone leads
  • Where phone leads are being transferred to

Use the data compiled from your 800 number’s call tracking analytics to identify how your business can improve its customer service processes.

These 800 numbers have several more benefits brands can take advantage of, too! Check them out here.

5 Ways to Use 800 Numbers as a Marketing Tool

1. Track the Success of Advertising Campaigns

When launching a paid ad online — whether on a search engine or social media platform —marketers can review data about online leads generated from each ad. But what about the phone leads generated from these ads?

For instance, calls generated from search marketing (including paid ads) have increased by 113% since 2014

Brands can generate unique 800 numbers for each ad, campaign, and advertising platform. This allows marketers to track the comprehensive success of an individual ad or larger campaign and make better marketing decisions as a result.

2. Evaluate Offline Marketing Tactics

Marketers often spend thousands of dollars on offline marketing tactics such as print materials or events and rely on outdated methods of measuring ROI. 

With an 800 number attached to each flyer or event invitation, marketers have a clear view of how successful their offline promotional efforts have been.

3. Follow Leads Through the Inbound Sales Cycle

If your sales team is struggling to convert leads into paying customers, an 800 number can help. Or, if they’re meeting sales goals each month, it can give them to conquer their next sales record.

Use the call tracking data from your 800 number to identify and evaluate key metrics at every stage of the inbound sales cycle, along with potential problems your sales team might face.

4. Identify Successful Marketing Channels

Your online marketing analytics only tell half of the story. 

For instance, using only data from online analytics, your email marketing strategy could appear to be failing. But if you account for all the phone leads generated from a single email, it could be wildly successful!

Toll-free 800 numbers and call tracking features enable marketers to truly identify which marketing channels and strategies are the most successful. Using this insight, they can make informed decisions about budgets, tactics, and next steps.

5. Amplify Local SEO Strategies

Did you know 68% of smartphone searchers have used the “click to call” option in local mobile ads? And, 88% of consumers conducting local searches on a mobile device will either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

Through Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), brands can track and improve their local SEO strategies with the use of an 800 number. 

Try it out and see how an 800 number can amplify leads from your brand’s local SEO efforts.

How to Get Started with an 800 Number Today

Ready to see how an 800 number can be an unparalleled marketing tool for your business?

Get started by:

  1. Visiting
  2. Selecting your number
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Start marketing

It’s that simple!

Add an 800 number to your company and take advantage of call tracking features, improved customer service, and continuous branding today.