Gone are the archaic days of relying on voicemail messages to conduct business. Streamline company and client communications by taking advantage of voicemail to email technology!

How to Modernize Your Business with Voicemail to Email

Studies have shown that the average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes out of an entire workday (~8 hours.)

Yet, marketing professionals are busier than ever. Between crafting the perfect campaign, analyzing existing campaign results, researching new tactics and channels, and identifying new opportunities, marketers barely have time to take a phone call.

Missed phone calls lead to missed sales prospects. Missed sales prospects lead to poor numbers from the overall sales team, which leads to more significant problems throughout the organization.

Marketers remedy this issue while also optimizing productivity across the workplace through voicemail to email technology.

Voicemail to Email: Revolutionizing the Modern Workspace

Picture this:

You’re in the middle of an intense brainstorming session with your team. Finally, after an hour of throwing nonsense ideas around, you’re finally in the groove and developing a cohesive and creative plan for your next big campaign.

During this excitement, you receive a call from a lead you’ve been trying to get in touch with for a week or so. But, since you’re tuned in to the electrifying brainstorming meeting, you do not notice the call.

Two situations can now happen:

  1. The caller leaves a voicemail on your company phone. But, you’re already a bit behind on checking your voicemail, so it’s added to the growing list of voicemails you have to check. So chances remain that you may not notice the new voicemail addition.
  2. You have voicemail to email turned on and receive an email notification about the missed call and voicemail. You read the email transcript and listen to the attached audio file, recognize that it’s the lead you’ve been working on, and call them back the first chance you get!

Voicemail to email technology is exactly what it sounds like. Having this feature sends your voicemail audio files and transcripts directly to your desired email address.

With this capability, you can screen voicemails and respond as needed by organizing your responses by priority.

4 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Implement Voicemail to Email

On top of sheer convenience, marketers enjoy a variety of other benefits when they make the switch to sending their voicemails to email.

1. Streamlined Communications

Do you ever feel like your communication channels are a bit jumbled, especially in keeping in touch with leads? Emails, phone calls, texts, instant messages, and social media interactions remain constantly circulating throughout the sales cycle.

Voicemail to email streamlines the communication process and combines your communication efforts into one, easy-to-access channel. All of your voicemails can be organized and accessed right from your email inbox.

2. Reply Quicker to Important Messages

As your voicemail inbox piles up and your workload does as well, it’s all too easy to miss critical voicemails. With voicemail to email capabilities, you can flag pertinent messages as they come in and respond ASAP. You’ll never miss the opportunity to return a call or respond promptly.

3. Share Voicemails and Collaborate

As much as we may like to, we don’t always have the answer. Sometimes we need to confer with a colleague or our manager on the best route to handle a situation or project. Or, perhaps a voicemail was left in your inbox instead of the correct individual.

There are several situations where being able to share voicemail audio files and transcripts can come in handy. But, if you don’t have voicemail to email setup, it can get a bit tricky.

Voicemail to email capabilities allow you to simply forward an email to the correct recipient, and they instantly have all the information they need from each voicemail. That makes collaboration and streamlined communications far easier than before.

4. Save Valuable Time

If there’s one thing all businesses are short on, it’s time. Free up some time by eliminating the need to constantly check and organize your voicemail inbox.

You can easily toggle through, delete, and sort voicemails as they arrive via email, allowing you to spend time on the tasks that matter throughout your day.

Modernize Your Business with Voicemail to Email

Gone are the archaic days of relying on voicemail messages to conduct business. Streamline company and client communications by taking advantage of voicemail to email technology!

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