Here Are the Best Video Platforms for Your Content

some platforms tend to consistently work well for many different marketing and engagement purposes, given the unique characteristics and features of each one.
some platforms tend to consistently work well for many different marketing and engagement purposes, given the unique characteristics and features of each one.

Content is still king, especially when it’s in the form of video content. In fact, it’s ruling the marketing world these days thanks to how appealing it is to consumers across a wide range of interests and ages.

Video is such a dominant force when it comes to inspiring meaningful engagement that choosing the right video platform for your content is just as critical as the type of content you present to your target audience. As you go through the process of making this decision, you’ll find many different options to consider.

There is no single “best” video platform. However, some platforms tend to consistently work well for many different marketing and engagement purposes, given the unique characteristics and features of each one.

Keep reading to learn more about the leading video platforms to consider for your content.


With more than 2 billion monthly active users, it should be no surprise that YouTube is a highly versatile and popular platform for visual content. It also happens to be the second-largest search engine just behind Google, so it certainly provides plenty of opportunities for visibility.

For video content purposes, some of the biggest perks associated with YouTube include:

  • A large number of potential users to target
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Ability to easily embed links in your posts and other online-accessible content
  • Being able to link your YouTube video content on your website

The potential drawback is YouTube doesn’t want users to leave its platform. This is why they offer related video suggestions. So, it’s easy for people watching your video content to be drawn to other content that’s not yours. What’s more, that additional content could belong to your competitors.

One way to remedy this potential drawback is to have a channel on YouTube that includes a wide range of relevant video content. Links embedded in your video descriptions can also direct viewers back to your site or to related content that’s also yours, which can help with SEO goals and efforts.


Actually older than YouTube, Vimeo boasts around 200 million users and nearly 2 million subscribers to its various services. It offers a free version along with a paid version you’re welcome to try.

The main perk is there are no ads. The dashboard also provides an abundance of insights, facts, and figures.

On the flip side of things, the analytics tools and editing resources are on the short side. There’s also a weekly upload limit, although this platform can still be an excellent supplement to your overall video marketing strategy.


Home to more than 4 million users who create more than 60,000 videos per month, Vidyard is worth considering for your video content since it’s a platform specifically designed with businesses in mind. It’s also a platform that’s easy to use, and it offers an assortment of useful insights.

Plus, it can be conveniently integrated with other marketing software, including customer relationship management (CRM) software. This platform offers video content marketing benefits thanks to features and capabilities that include:

  • A/B testing options
  • Real-time analytics
  • Viewer location info
  • Very good support

As for drawbacks, the options with editing tools are limited, as is the free version of this platform. Additionally, it can be a bit difficult to share video content from this platform elsewhere.


With around 50,000 active users, Wistia is on the small side, especially compared to YouTube and Vimeo. Even so, it’s a platform with perks that include:

  • Heatmaps
  • Engagement and video play rates
  • A/B testing options

Also, you can visit other users in your Wistia account. On top of that, you’ll get an assortment of informative analytics tools. The main drawback is that the paid option is pricey compared to what’s offered by other more common platforms with paid options.


User stats aren’t available for this platform. It’s on this list because it’s impressively comprehensive video content with the potential to expose your content to a wide range of viewers. The pros associated with this platform include:

  • An easy ability to add videos along with galleries, playlists, slideshows, and music
  • 100-plus templates for video players, slideshows, and similar purposes
  • Podcast hosting options if you wish to enhance video content with audio content
  • Beneficial video content engagement stats

As for drawbacks, the main one is you’ll have to choose a subscription option to access more advanced analytics. Otherwise, this is an impressive platform, largely because of the related content creation and distribution options.


Lastly, the level of integration options makes Brightcove a sensible and beneficial video content possibility. Featuring cloud solutions, it’s a smaller platform as well, with just over 5,000 customers.

Still, these customers span more than 70 countries. It’s especially good for higher-quality video content you want to distribute to audiences in various locations. Additional appealing perks include:

  • The ability to add a player to your various social profiles or website
  • Award-winning support
  • Live streaming and video tagging options

The platform also gives you multiple opportunities to share content. The main drawback with this video platform, however, is a lack of substantial analytics tools.

Final Thoughts

Do some experimenting as you go through the process of determining what video platforms are best for your content and overall marketing goals. Incidentally, descriptions for your video content posted on these platforms can be further enhanced with vanity 800 numbers or local vanity phone numbers.

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