28 Text Templates for Small Business Marketing Campaigns

28 Text Templates for Small Business Marketing Campaigns
28 Text Templates for Small Business Marketing Campaigns

Similar to a business 800 number, text marketing is an affordable and effective communication tool for small businesses.

When was the last time you deleted an email without reading it or didn’t answer an incoming phone call? If you’re like most people, your answer will range from a day to a week. How about with a text message?

Text messages have higher open and response rates than email. The short, concise nature of the message makes it simple to read even for busy people. Most people carry their smartphones with them, so customers can respond on the go when they have a free moment.

Why Text Templates are Important

What makes an outstanding text message? With so many different businesses and industries using text messaging, there is not a single correct answer. However, an effective business text should always include:

  • A compelling call-to-action.
  • The sender’s name and phone number.
  • The sender’s ID.

Similar to a custom 800 number that shares a compelling marketing message in a short space, with text messages, every word counts.

Business texts need to project a consistent voice and get right to the point. Text templates empower any employee to send effective text marketing campaigns, regardless of their writing skill.

Business Texts Best Practices

Since customers have to opt-in as subscribers to be eligible to receive texts, it is essential to give them the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Do not overuse business text messaging by bombarding customers. The power of text messaging pivots on offering your customers value every single time you text.

The best text templates grab your customers’ attention. They are clear and concise, create a sense of urgency, and include a compelling call-to-action for your sms marketing. You can also give out a promo code to your customers to opt-in via social media.

Small Business Texting Templates: Marketing and Promotions

Grab customers’ attention with strong calls to action that encourage an immediate response. Remember to use simple language that engages your customers and motivate them to shop. 

Example Templates:

  • Sales Promotion
    • Savor summer at [RESTAURANT NAME] with 2 for 1 taco and drink specials — August only! Good for lunch or dinner, visit [RESTAURANT NAME] at [ADDRESS].
  • Giveaway
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]! To thank our loyal customers, [COMPANY NAME] invites you to enter our contest to win [ITEM]! Find out more and enter here: [WEBSITE LINK]. Good luck!
  • Event
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]! Join us this Saturday for [EVENT]. As [COMPANY NAME]’s loyal customer, use this special [WEBSITE LINK] for discounted admission. See you soon!
  • Loyalty Program
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]! Thanks for your recent purchase! Get [DISCOUNT]% off your next order. Text “LOYALTY” to [NUMBER] and save! [COMPANY NAME].
  • Extended Hours
    • Extended hours for all your holiday shopping! [COMPANY NAME] is now open until [TIME] so you have all the time you need. Find your closest store: [WEBSITE LINK].
  • New Website
    • Hi [FIRST NAME]! Find all your [COMPANY] favorites on our new website! Online discounts on [ITEM 1], [ITEM 2], and more this weekend only. Don’t miss out: [WEBSITE LINK].
  • New Store Opening
    • Hi [FIRST NAME]! ]COMPANY] is excited to announce the opening of our new store on [DATE] at [TIME]. Come join us for specials and prizes! Visit [WEBSITE LINK].
  • Seasonal Sale
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]! Don’t miss our colossal [SEASON] sale on [ITEM 1], [ITEM 2], and more! Save up to [DISCOUNT]% on everything — one week only! Find out more: [WEBSITE LINK].

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are an excellent way to take advantage of the instantaneous nature of text messaging. Always include the essential details like date, time, location, company, and toll-free phone number. Customers appreciate it when you make appointment-keeping smooth for them. 

Example Templates:

  • General Appointment
    • This is a friendly reminder that you have a [TYPE] appointment with [INDIVIDUAL] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Call or text with questions! For directions, click [WEBSITE LINK].
  • Health Spa
    • Dear [FIRST NAME], your [TYPE] massage at [COMPANY NAME] is today at [TIME]. Please arrive early. Call or text with questions. For directions click: [WEBSITE LINK].
  • HairAppointment
    • Sharon is looking forward to seeing you at [TIME] for your hair appointment today at [COMPANY NAME]. Call or text with questions. For directions click: [WEBSITE LINK].
  • Dentist
    • A friendly reminder that your dentist appointment with [DOCTOR] at [COMPANY NAME] is set for [DATE] and [TIME]. Call or text with questions. For directions: [WEBSITE LINK].
  • Real Estate Agent
    • [AGENT’S NAME] from [COMPANY] is set to show you [PROPERTY ADDRESS] this [DAY] at [TIME]. Call or text with questions. [AGENT’S NAME] direct number is [PHONE NUMBER].
  • Interview
    • Hi [FIRST NAME]. We are confirming your interview scheduled at [DATE] and [TIME]. We will meet in [ROOM] at [ADDRESS]. Please call or text with questions. [CONTACT NAME].

Sales Templates

A text message is an efficient way to follow up with leads and stay connected during the sales cycle. 

Example Templates:

  • Introductions
    • Hi [FIRST NAME]. This is [SALESPERSON] from [COMPANY NAME]. Are you available for a short call to discuss [ITEM]? Please reply to this message if I can help. Thank you.
  • Staying in Touch
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]. This is [SALESPERSON] from [COMPANY NAME]. Just checking in to see if you have any questions about [ITEM]. Reach me at this number. Have a great day!
  • Follow-Up
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]. This is [SALESPERSON] from [COMPANY NAME]. I just wanted to follow up on [ITEM]. Feel free to text or call me at your convenience at [PHONE NUMBER].
  • Checking in After a Demonstration
    • Hi, [FIRST NAME]. This is [SALESPERSON] from [COMPANY NAME]. Thanks for allowing me to show you a demo of ITEM. I’m here to answer questions! Text or call this number.

Text Message Polls

Curious to know what your customers think about your brand, specific services, or products? Text message polls are a quick and easy way to find out.

Your SMS software provider will have an option that allows you to create a poll.

Using a text message poll, you can ask your audience to vote on anything. Experts recommend sending the initial survey and then following up once with a second message to those who did not respond. 

Example Template:

Vote for your favorite flavor of [COMPANY NAME]’s handmade ice cream! Text “chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry” to [NUMBER].

Text Message Contest Templates

Contests are a friendly and engaging way to build customer relationships. You can reach your entire database with a tantalizing offer, but you only have to deliver a prize to a few of them. 

Example Templates:

  • Win a FREE SPA DAY at [COMPANY NAME] worth up to $[XXX]. Text ‘MYDAY’ to [NUMBER]. Winners announced this [DAY] and [TIME] at our [EVENT]. You do not need to be present to win.
  • Win a FREE DINNER FOR TWO at [RESTAURANT NAME]. Text ‘DATENIGHT’ to [NUMBER]. Winners will be announced this [DAY].
  • Win a CERTIFICATE to shop on our website. Worth up to $[XXX]. Text ‘FREEJEWELRY’ to [NUMBER]. Winners notified this [DAY] and the results posted on our site: [WEBSITE LINK].

Online Review Request Templates

As mobile shopping rises steeply, your online reputation can make or break a sale before your salespeople even have a chance to speak with a potential customer.

Inviting customers to leave a review is a great way to build your online reputation and reassure new potential customers. Text marketing is a quick and efficient way to ask recent customers for reviews.

Example Templates:

  • Hi [FIRST NAME], this is [INDIVIDUAL] from [COMPANY NAME]. Thank you for being a valued customer! We would appreciate your review of [ITEM] here: [WEBSITE LINK].
  • Hi [FIRST NAME], thank you for your recent purchase of [ITEM]! We would appreciate it if you could share your experience with us here: [WEBSITE LINK].

Payment Reminders

Text message payment reminders should be friendly, simple, and to the point. You want to make it easy for customers to follow through and make payments while also remaining true to texting best practices by framing the communication with a simple call to action.

Example Templates:

  • Unpaid Invoice
    • Hello! A quick reminder we have not received payment for invoice [NUMBER], dated [DATE]. Please contact us at PHONE NUMBER, or pay now here: [WEBSITE LINK]. [COMPANY NAME]
  • Insurance Due
    • Don’t let your insurance policy expire! Your renewal payment is now overdue. Please contact us at [PHONE NUMBER] or use this link to renew [WEBSITE LINK]. [COMPANY NAME]
  • Loan Payment Reminder
    • Hello! Just a quick reminder your monthly payment is overdue. Please contact us at [PHONE NUMBER], or use this link to pay now here: [WEBSITE LINK]. [COMPANY NAME]
  • Past Due Bill
    • Dear [FIRST NAME], our records show your account is past due. Please pay online here: [WEBSITE LINK] by [DATE] to avoid late fees. Thank you! [COMPANY NAME]

Text Marketing for Your Small Business

As you adopt these templates to fit your business’s needs, remember to keep a file of what you use to simplify text marketing moving forward.

At 800.com, we understand that running a small business can require wearing many hats and choosing each marketing strategy wisely. When you buy an 800 number through us, you get a full suite of business phone services to support you. This includes call forwarding, call recording, voicemail to email, analytics, and more.

Similar to having a vanity phone number, text marketing simplifies communication with your customers. It gives you a professional edge and makes it easier for customers to reach you.

While text marketing is unlikely to replace phone calls or emails, it does provide an effective channel for short, time-sensitive offers. With astonishing open rates as high as 98% and faster response times than email, text marketing is here to stay.