How Using Call Tracking Software Can Improve the Quality of Your Calls

How Using Call Tracking Software Can Improve the Quality of Your Calls
How Using Call Tracking Software Can Improve the Quality of Your Calls

You already spend money on marketing to bring traffic to your business. Now your goal should always be to ensure you’re focusing on your target audience while converting as many leads into customers as possible.

Whether your business is primarily online, brick-and-mortar, or a combination of the two, your customer service representatives serve as a gateway to your company. The last thing you want is to bring in leads and not handle them properly.

As good as your customer service representatives are, they can be even better with the right technology. Call tracking software can improve the work of your customer service team and the quality of incoming calls. And it can increase your marketing team’s efficiency by showing them which of their efforts produce the best results.

How Call Tracking Improves Call Quality

Imagine getting an anonymous call from a potential customer. You might be able to sell them your product or service, but you’d be shooting in the dark. Why are they calling? How far in the process are they? Which product or service interests them?

After a caller hangs up without committing to your brand, what can you do to get them back? Do you know how you can improve the conversation on their next call? Can you use that information to improve call quality for other future callers?

Companies use call tracking software to know who’s calling and their interests, ensure the conversations go well, and successfully follow up with leads after they hang up the phone.

Informed Conversations

Call tracking connects your customer service representatives with all your online and offline marketing efforts. This leads to a more informed, productive conversation.

With incoming calls using’s call tracking software, representatives can see:

  • The lead’s first touchpoint with your brand
  • Their browsing history on your website
  • Which of your online ads the customer clicked on along the way
  • The customer’s information
  • Previous conversations

Armed with this information, your staff can handle calls from a more educated standpoint. Having a general idea of who the callers are and what they’re calling about will help them tailor the conversation to the customer’s interests or direct the call to the appropriate department.

More Qualified Leads

You don’t want your customer representatives to spend their time talking to callers who aren’t interested in what your company has to offer. Focusing on leads who have the most potential to convert to customers will help your business run more smoothly and save you lots of time and effort.

Call tracking software allows you to zone in on the ads that produce the most qualified leads. Reporting features provide detailed information on:

  • How many leads each ad or campaign produced
  • Conversion rates
  • The return on your investment

Once you have these statistics on hand, your marketing team can refocus their efforts on the ads or campaigns that produce results while dropping the ones that don’t seem to work for your company.

With time, you’ll increase the number of callers with a high level of interest in your products or services. The quality of your incoming calls and the efficiency of your customer service team will increase.

Better Follow-Up

Every business wants to follow up with its leads. But it’s hard to create a dynamic experience that will increase conversion rates.

Call tracking software stores information about callers that gives you insights into a lead’s interests. This data can help you tailor text or email campaigns that get potential or repeat customers to call in and will result in quality calls.

You can also listen to recorded calls to hear if something went wrong during the conversation or if you missed something that might have gotten the lead to convert. This information could help you improve the quality of your follow-up and all incoming calls.

Call Tracking Software Produces Higher Conversion Rates

Even the best marketing and customer service teams will improve their results if you hand them the right tools. Call tracking software will produce qualified callers and will give your staff the information they need to increase the quality of incoming calls to your business. When calls don’t end with a sale, they’ll be able to follow up and connect with your leads to convert them to customers.

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