Your Business Is Awesome! Innovative Ways to Get the Word Out

Market your brand
Market your brand

Renowned writer and playwright Milan Kundera is famous for saying, “Business only has two functions—marketing and innovation.” If you have an awesome product, you already have the innovation part down. Now it’s time to take care of the other piece of the puzzle: marketing. What methods can you use to make an impact on your target audience, especially without investing a lot of your well-earned funds? Check out these tips, some of which will cost you little to nothing.

Make a Simple and Personality-Packed Video

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and a video might be even more valuable. By making a short, simple, personality-packed video, you can convey several things at the same time, such as:

  • The most important features of your product or service
  • Your passion behind it
  • Different ways people can benefit from your product or service
  • Key elements of your brand image, such as color schemes, fonts, images, and driving principles

In this way, a short video can show much more about your business and what it produces than many other forms of communication. Also, it’s easy for fans of your business to share videos on social media, via email, and face-to-face with their friends.

Personally Connect with Writers and Bloggers

Writers and bloggers love being the first ones to introduce a great new business to the public. By reaching out to writers and bloggers personally, you can initiate a relationship that’s beneficial for both of you: They get to be the first ones to announce your offering to the world, and you get some effective publicity.

Also, when you form relationships with people who write online, anytime there are changes or improvements to your product or service, you can simply reach out to them to help spread the good news.

Speak at Conferences

Conference organizers are always looking for expert speakers with a new perspective that attendees may enjoy. By connecting with conference organizers, you may be able to present the highlights of your business model and offer it to just the right audience.

This is especially effective for people with B2B services or products, primarily because business leaders often attend conferences to learn about what’s new in their industries. By speaking at a conference, you position your business as something that’s on the cutting edge and worth talking about, not to mention investing in.

Join Quora and Offer Sound Advice and Information

Quora provides detailed, knowledge-backed answers to specific questions people ask on the platform. By joining and answering queries, you can accomplish multiple objectives simultaneously:

  • Show that you are a true expert in your field
  • Demonstrate that you value people’s questions by taking the time to provide a detailed answer
  • Show your communication skills and ability to paint a clear picture
  • Provide visibility for your product or service by mentioning it, perhaps once or twice during your answer

Have a Physical Product? Try Guerilla Marketing

Physical products can be ideal for guerilla marketing tactics, especially because this enables you to put them in front of people’s eyes, giving them a chance to experience your offering for themselves before they commit to making a purchase. Also, because this kind of marketing can both draw attention and catch people by surprise, it’s easy for a product you boost with guerrilla marketing to end up in quick snapshots on people’s smartphones and shared with friends, family, and social media followers.

In an effective guerrilla marketing campaign, you may want to try structured, well-planned giveaways in:

  • Offices
  • Community baseball, basketball, soccer, and football games
  • Parades and other public events

As long as you get permission, you’re good to go. If the setting is right, you can even set up a simple photo op with some cool or funny props that people can pose with as they hold or experience your product.

Anytime you market your product, you need to make sure people have a way of connecting with you to ask questions, express interest, and move through the marketing funnel. Vanity 800 numbers are a great way to extend yourself to your target audience. With custom vanity toll-free numbers, you invite people to connect with your company—free of charge—while also promoting your brand image. To learn more about how vanity numbers can work for you, connect with today!