7 Reasons Why Personalized Marketing Will Improve Your Business

7 Reasons Why Personalized Marketing Will Improve Your Business
7 Reasons Why Personalized Marketing Will Improve Your Business

Personalized marketing uses data collection, analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) to engage current and prospective customers by communicating with them via a personal touch. It sounds impossible — but with the vast amount of data collected on the web combined with AI’s power to process and organize it — personalized marketing will continue to thrive.

With companies like Amazon in the lead, personalized marketing has become one of the most effective methods for businesses to breed loyalty and increase conversions. AI aggregates data from your business 800 number to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Eighty percent of consumers prefer to buy from a brand that provides personalized experiences, and ninety percent of U.S. consumers say marketing personalization appeals to them.

Types of Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing can work in any business process — from customer service chatbots to the suggested items during checkout. Applications keep growing, but consider some of the most common:

  • Segmentation: identifying and targeting specific audiences
  • Personalization by individual shopper or a customer persona
  • Content filtering: the right message to the right person
  • Recommender engines: suggesting related items during checkout
  • Collaborative filtering: used by recommender systems
  • Customer journey mapping and optimization

7 Ways Personalized Marketing Drives Business

Although a more considerable investment than a vanity 800 number, personalized marketing can help ensure your company’s ongoing success. If still not convinced, ponder the following specific ways it can improve your business.

1. Ensures Superior Customer Experience

Shoppers want a customized experience. According to SmarterHQ, seventy-two percent of consumers only engage with marketing messages customized to their specific interests, and eighty percent of frequent shoppers only shop with brands who personalize their experience.

2. Increases Marketing ROI

Personalized marketing increases marketing ROI in several ways. In addition to building trust and rapport, automation technology allows marketers to identify the channels customers engage with and automatically follow up across other channels. Smart product suggestions encourage larger orders and increased sales. The click-to-call feature used with your business 800 number makes it effortless for customers to follow through.

3. Strengthens Customer Loyalty

By improving the customer’s experience, successful personalized marketing strategies strengthen customer loyalty. It also brings in additional consumer data that enhances personalization and offers a competitive advantage.

4. Offers Better Matches Every Time

Online customers expect search engines and businesses to know their needs. When they search with a question or search for a solution, they want content that delivers. Personalized marketing allows businesses to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint throughout the funnel.

5. Synchronizes Customer Experience Across Every Device and Channel

Conflicting messages or gaps in communication quickly frustrate consumers. If they schedule an appointment on their mobile phone and then receive an email reminding them to schedule, the business appears disjointed and uncoordinated. Disconnects between departments or locations create a confusing user experience.

A strong personalization strategy spans every device and channel and learns from the customer with each new action they make. AI helps you communicate with prospects about their interests in a language that makes them comfortable.

6. Adds Personality to Your Business

A personalized experience builds an emotional connection with your customers. Instead of a faceless company, personalization makes shopping online more like interacting with a real person. Even better, they can do it at their own convenient time. When buyers start to associate a personality with the brand, this translates into customer loyalty.

7. Captures Detailed Data

Most marketing tools and software allow you to collect data on your subscribers, including location, recent purchases, marketing sources, habits, and preferences. It also captures and analyzes actionable information about the effectiveness of your personalized campaign.

For example, after sending a series of emails, you can precisely track which email brought in each lead. You can measure each offer’s effectiveness, including special discounts and limited promotions while tracking each click.

Personalized Marketing Is Here to Stay

Personalized marketing builds customer relationships by creating a better user experience. Filtered messaging and targeted suggestions minimize customer frustration and increase engagement.

With so many personalization strategies available to today’s businesses, a careful implementation strategy will steadily maximize the potential of this technologically advanced marketing tool.