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Never wonder what you or someone else said again. With call recording, everything is saved for your records.

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What Is Call Recording?

With 800.com’s call recording software, you can record any call you have into a digital file. Doing this allows you to re-listen to phone calls as often as needed.

Many companies use call recording for training purposes, but they can also be used for retrieving facts and information. Regardless of how it’s used, call recording’s sole purpose is to record a conversation between two or more people over the phone.

What You Get With Call Recording from 800.com

With 800.com’s call recording service, you can expect:

Enable online recording.

It’s easy to enable call recording. Just log in to your account to activate it. It’s that easy. Want to turn it off? You can also do that with just a few clicks.

Verify facts.

Once a call has been recorded and saved, you can use the file to review what was said or retrieve information. Can’t remember what the customer specifically ordered? Pull up the call.

Verify quality.

You can’t supervise your employees all the time, but with call recording, you can pull up conversations to ensure your employees are providing the standards you want to be associated with your company.

Categorize your calls.

Archive and tag your calls so you can easily retrieve them when you need them. Categorize them however you want — sales leads, existing customers, inquiries, and so forth.

Protect your company.

Review critical calls and save them for your protection when calls get tough. Should someone contradict what you or an employee said, you can refute their claims if needed with the digital file.

Download for records.

It’s easy to download each phone call. Once you do, you can either listen to it on your computer or on a compatible music player. Recorded calls are also stored online through the 800.com platform. Don’t need them? You can delete them as you see fit.

How Call Recording Works with 800.com


Choose your 800 number

Pick the number you want for your business. From there you can either choose a random number or a vanity number. Random numbers take one to two hours to go live, whereas vanity numbers take three to five days.


Sign up with 800.com

Go to our plan page and choose the best plan for your business. Regardless of which plan you choose, each plan comes with the same valuable tools you can access through our Super Control Panel.


Customize your account settings.

Call recording is a basic feature available on all 800.com plans. Once you’ve chosen your plan and have a working toll-free 800 number, you can start using call recording. Easily enable it online.


Start recording calls made and received.

Once you’ve received a call, you can listen to the file online or download it for your personal records.

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Does Call Notes sound like it would help your daily life or help your business run more smoothly? Choose any plan with 800 and take advantage of this free perk today!


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