Check Missed Calls in Your Email

Email call notifications make it easy to keep track of who called you and when. You can stay off the phone, and still know what’s coming through.

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What Are Call Notifications?

Voicemail to email sounds just like what it is. Whenever someone leaves you a voicemail, that message is then automatically sent to your email as well in an audio file.

You can archive all your important voicemails there, so you don’t have to save them to your phone. You can also forward messages easily to different accounts, so voice messages don’t have to be siloed.

What You Get With Call Notifications from

With’s call notification service, you can expect:

Track your callers.

When you get an email, there’s no mystery who the call came from. The number is listed directly in the email. Combine this feature with call reports and call notes to maximize your call tracking.

Know when you miss a call.

In addition to knowing from whom you missed a call, you’ll also see when you missed that call. This information could prove vital for future metrics, or just to get a timeframe of when to call back.

Easily delegate.

Can’t take care of it right away? Forward the email to a coworker or employee. Call notification emails can be forwarded just the same as any other email.

Streamline your correspondence.

Because you won’t have multiple places to check, you’ll be less likely to drop the ball on important matters. With’s call notifications activated, simply log on to your email to see what you have to do.

How Call Notification Works with


Choose your 800 number

Choose a vanity 800 numbers and you’ll be prompted to enter your custom phone number. will then check to see if it’s available. If it isn’t, you’ll have to try another variation, but if it is, you’re all done.


Create an account with us

Go to our plan page and choose the best plan for your business. Regardless of which plan you choose, each plan comes with the same valuable tools you can access through our Super Control Panel.


Turn on notifications and choose an email

If you want to change the email that receives the notifications, meaning you want to delegate the responsibility to an employee or coworker, you can also change the receiving email address.


Start using call notifications right away

Now you’re ready to start using call notifications. If you choose, you can also have multiple people receive missed call notifications.

See how call notifications can help your business by signing up today!


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