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Review and download all your calls and faxes, both incoming and outgoing, and then sort through the data either by a specific phone number or billing period.

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What Is Call Recording?

With call reporting, you can have a record of every phone call and fax both made and received on your number. You can use this information to track customer retention, customer interest, and employee performance.

Business owners obviously have the most to gain with this feature, but people with the personal plan will also find it useful. Whether you need to keep track of your company’s performance or your family’s whereabouts, call reporting can help. Regardless of how you use call reporting, however, keeps a record of every call as long as your account is open.

What You Get With Call Reporting from

With’s call reporting service, you can expect:

Automatically save call data.

You don’t have to do a thing. After you open an account with, this feature is automatically enabled to archive your call records.

Review online or download as .csv file.

Log in to your account to view the data, or easily access your figures with a program like Excel or Google Sheets.

Get more accurate data.

This is a great way to keep track of how much activity your 800 number is receiving. If you see a dip in calls, you’ll then know that you should take corrective measures.

Track sales efforts.

If you have a sales team, you can easily see how many leads they are able to contact every day or hour. This would point you to other valuable metrics to help your business become more profitable.

How Call Recording Works with


Choose your 800 number

Choose a vanity 800 numbers and you’ll be prompted to enter your custom phone number. will then check to see if it’s available. If it isn’t, you’ll have to try another variation, but if it is, you’re all done.


Create an account with us

Go to our plan page and choose the best plan for your business. Regardless of which plan you choose, each plan comes with the same valuable tools you can access through our Super Control Panel.


Start making calls

It’s that simple - you just need an active Call reporting is a free feature we give to all our members on any plan.


Call data is automatically tracked

Once your is created and you have an active number (three to five days with vanity numbers, one to two hours for random ones), you can download the call reporting .csv file as soon as you have either made or received calls or faxes.

If you think this feature could help propel your company to the next level, sign up today!


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