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Need to be mobile? Don’t want to miss out on business just because you’re not physically at the office? Call forwarding with an 800 number is just what you need to take your business to the next level.

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What Is Call Forwarding?

If you’re running errands for work, traveling, or need someone else to be the point of contact, a call forwarding service allows you to send any calls you receive to another number. You can have it set for an evening or 24/7. It stays in place until you decide otherwise.

Use your cell phone, landline, work phone, or any number you wish as the receiving line for a forwarded call. That number will then receive all calls from your 800 number. It’s great for established businesses branching out or family members who want to stay connected.

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What You Get With Call Forwarding from

With’s call forwarding service, you can expect:

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to send any calls you receive to a designated number


Any calls you receive on your 800 number are sent to a designated number. Do what you have to do where you have to do it. The days of stationary, brick-and-mortar-only businesses are over.

Zero fees for your customers.

Even though many people all over the world don’t have to pay long-distance fees anymore, a non-local area code will still cause them to hesitate, while an 800 number will not.

Less reliance on voicemail.

Many people wait as long as possible for you to pick up, and when you don’t, they simply hang up and call someone else. With call forwarding, someone else can answer the phone when you’re not around.


If your business has no geographic barriers, then your 800 number will make your business appear more professional to outsiders. Call forwarding will allow you to keep doing business on your original number while casting a wider net with your 800 number.

How To Get A Toll-Free Number With

Getting an 800 number with us couldn’t be easier.
You could probably do it in the time it takes to read through this.


Choose your 800 number

Choose a vanity 800 numbers and you’ll be prompted to enter your custom phone number. will then check to see if it’s available. If it isn’t, you’ll have to try another variation, but if it is, you’re all done.


Create an account with us

Go to our plan page and choose the best plan for your business. Regardless of which plan you choose, each plan comes with the same valuable tools you can access through our Super Control Panel.


Designate your call forwarding number

Enter your payment information. Once your number is live, you’ll gain access to the Super Control Panel, where the best is yet to come.


Start taking calls

After your number is live (1-2 hours for random 800 numbers; 3-5 days for vanity numbers), your designated call forwarding number will receive calls for your 800 number. You have nothing else to do after the initial setup of’s call forwarding service.

Does Call forwarding with an 800 number sound like a good idea? Make sure to sign up today.


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Our call forwarding feature is a no-brainer if you’re a small business owner looking to reach larger markets. New customers won’t be put off by your area code and will be more likely to pick up their phone and call you.


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