800.com Features

Some of the many features inside your control panel

Toll-free Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers are universal phone numbers and give businesses instant credibility. We offer 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.

Vanity Phone Numbers

Brand recall ability, increased call response, and SMS messaging. To find out whether a specific toll-free number is available, contact us.


Don't pay for phone service you don't use. Park your number, maintain ownership and store it for later use at 800.com

Standard Call Forwarding

Simple call forwarding without confusing menus, queues and complicated management. Send calls to your cell, home, or work phone.

Squential Call Forwarding

Dial multiple phone numbers one at a time, and in a specified order. We also make it easy for you to quickly manage your call forwarding options.

Simultaneous Call Forwarding

Forward your toll free or local number to dial multiple phone numbers at the same time. Quickly manage your call forwarding options online.

Auto Attendant Menu

Greet callers with a custom outgoing menu that allows them to press a key on their keypad to be forwarded to a separate phone number.


This feature ensures that you will never be out of reach, and you can consolidate your communications through email on your smartphone.

Additional Features

Call Blocking

Getting spam or telemarketer calls to your phone number? Block them from ever reaching you. Add callers to your block list and never hear from them again. Available with all plans.


Review your incoming/outgoing phone calls to your 800.com phone number. Sort by billing period and phone number. Download logs in a .CSV file.

Call Notification

Callers can leave a message that forwards the incoming message to an email address of your choosing. These attached files can be heard directly within your email, or downloaded later.

Call ID Select

Select to show the incoming caller's Caller ID or show your 800.com phone number as the incoming Caller ID.

Number Porting (LNP)

Save money when transferring your Toll-Free number to 800.com. Any numbers transferred to 800.com remain your property and can be ported out at any time.

Need a feature?

Please let us know how we can improve! Contact Us for feature requests, we’re always working on the future.


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